Capture all your most brilliant ideas with the Apple Pencil, a companion to the iPad that may look simple but is extremely versatile. It will transform the world of note taking, writing, sketching, as well as simplifying creative tasks which allows completing your workflow from start to finish on just the iPad. How awesome would this be? Find out in this article as we summarize the advantages and uses of the Apple Pencil

Why is it better to have the Apple Pencil? What can it be used for?

Note-taking: Easily jot down everything on all various types of files even when your screen is locked just by gently tapping the Apple Pencil on the screen twice where it will instantly allow you to take notes straight away. When done writing, you can also move the text, change its color, or resize it to perfect your layout without having to erase and rewrite like when using a normal pen anymore.

Signing documents: For various situations that take into account handwriting pressure, the Apple Pencil has a feature that can accurately detect and respond smoothly to pressure in handwriting. This is a distinct feature available on both generations of the Apple Pencil, allowing for thick and thin lines in your handwriting. Whenever a digital signature is required, just simply pick up your Apple Pencil and sign over the file.

Editing documents: Regardless of the number of characters in the file, the Apple Pencil can handle it. Instantly transform your handwriting into text when used with the iPadOS 16, or write out long sentences instead of typing. It also accurately detects and translates Thai characters as well.

Presentation or meetings (brainstorming): Write down your ideas straight away with various pen styles to choose from such as pencils, brushes, or highlighters. Change the color of your lines instantly without the hassle of having to physically carry many pens. Edit, take notes, forward your notes right away, or professionally capture every detail of your presentation with a single pen.

Graphics and images: The Apple Pencil appeals to sketchers as it functions like a natural pencil. Freely draw straight lines, diagonal lines, or slant the pen for shading. For precision, draw your desired shape and hold your pen for a moment to automatically adjust these lines to create a smoother image. With the Apple Pencil 2, tap twice for quick access to other drawing tools such as changing the brush head to an eraser, where this can also be tailored to the user.

Video editing: Regardless of its duration, videos can seamlessly be edited as the Apple Pencil 2 is designed for pixel-level precision, with low latency, and high sensitivity to the angle of the pencil tip while in use. When used with the new iPad Pro model that has a screen refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, it is extremely seamless to the point where you would forget how the original touch felt.

The Apple Pencil is not limited to making writing more fun, but also makes our daily lives more convenient than ever before, as well as records appointments and schedules to make organization of daily documents much easier. It is important to choose a model that is compatible with your iPad model, whether it’s the Apple Pencil 1 that can simply be charged via the USB-C port under the pen tip cover, or the Apple Pencil 2 that automatically and wirelessly charges via the iPad it is paired with.

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