Similar to a drawn-out fight, both the ISP’s as well as the SPMMERS have been twirling around with each other and fighting it out for many years over your inbox

and honest entrepreneurs who utilize email marketing as a potent marketing tool based on permissions that it is, experiencing their performance and profit margins drop. We’re grouped in with the SPMMERS (and kept out of the inboxes of those who are truly interested in receiving the emails we send). So how can we navigate the world-wide ring of deliverability, without getting eliminated?

Here are some tips for delivering your email to help you manage your email marketing campaigns:

1.) Be consistent. Regularly mail. The best advice I’ve received is to send mail three times per week, and be sure to not let your subscriber list grow quickly (you could increase your subscriber base by attempting at trying to “ramp” it slowly and gradually.)

2.) Be consistent (2): Always mail from the same address, with the same response and from addresses fields. This is partly for the ISP’s benefit and partly for the user in general so that they can recognize you and don’t feel that they’re getting spammed.

3.) Send Quality Content: If it appears to be SPAM the message will be treated by SPAM, resulting in it as a loss of delivery. Always check any email you send via an SPAM test first.

4.) 4. Mail Simple: If your email messages are stuffed with large images, weird fonts or attachments that aren’t properly formatted, it could affect the delivery of your emails, by inducing different types of filters on the ISP’s or the software used by the user (like Outlook, Mac Mail client, etc. ).

5.) 5. Ask For Whitelisting: Be sure you ask people who sign in for your mailing list, they “white mark” your email accounts. It will signal to your ISP’s that they’re an ethical marketer as well as your reputation and ability to deliver will grow.

6.) Make use of a Double Opt-In process: Double opt-in process is the only way to be sure that) individuals aren’t providing you with fake addresses (which could be used to create SPAM traps, thereby reducing your ability to deliver).

7.) Do your best to practice the art of “list cleanliness”: You’ll need to be looking out for bounces and also removing hard bounces in order to improve your ability to deliver. Cleaning out poor addresses can also provide you better clickthrough rates and open rates.

8.) Join organizations such as Return Path, DKIM, SPF, and more. Some require money, while others are free, however each offers different benefits with respect to deliverability.

9) Resolve unsubscribes and deal with the unsubscribes immediately. If unsubscribe requests are not addressed, they are likely to become SPAM complaints, and will affect your ability to deliver.

10.) Check your deliveryability frequently. There are numerous deliverability monitoring solutions available including Delivery watch, Return Path, in addition to the most popular Autoresponders. Many come with built-in deliverability monitoring.

Imagine making $100 in your last month with your marketing via email (with 30 percent deliverability) and then by increasing your delivery rate to 90%, you could triple your earnings This is a powerful idea.

The ability to deliver your emails more effectively can greatly impact sales, and is an essential element of your marketing strategies for email. Equally important is your overall strategy for marketing via email from lead generation to the back-end selling…

What do I need to know?

I’m part a small group consisting of Marketing experts who treat the email marketing strategy just as much as you. We adore this subject and if I’m not saying that myself, the millions of dollars worth of sales every year is difficult to deny.